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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Like so many, we began as hobbyists, crafting and creating for as long as we can remember.  Be it woodworking with a screw gun, or crafting with a glue gun, we take joy in handmaking each item.  We create new and or reclaimed / repurposed items. After much urging from friends and family to create an official business, we decided to swallow our fears and worries of the unknown, and give it a go.  Our creations are made specifically for our Houston community.  This allows us to eliminate the outrageous expense of shipping.

Our Story

We are Texas sweethearts, that grew up down the street from one another. We've been married for nearly 25yrs and have two grown children, one recently married and the other recently graduated from high school.  Frank primarily does the woodworking, while Ruth does the crafting and designing.  Together, we create new items and repurpose old items to form unique and festive pieces for your home.  

2020-2021 has provided and forced much downtime upon us to stay at home.  Thus, the opportunity to create an avenue for supplemental income was born.  What better way, than to do what we have always done.  We strive to provide our customers with quality items that we too would want to receive in efficient timing. 

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